Matisse's Blue Lady

Tilted Vejigante

Zaadia Colón is an experimental artist living in Queens, New York.  She was raised in Prospect Park South in Brooklyn and spent her teenage years in Williamsburg.  She went to SUNY at Stony Brook where she received her degree in Mathematics and a minor in Anthropology.  She worked as a Systems Analyst for New York Life Insurance Company for a number of years.  She went to The Parsons School for Fashion Design and started working as a Business Analyst for Calvin Klein and then, Tommy Hilfiger.  After a number of years in the fashion industry, she sought a simpler life and wanted to go back to her math roots and teach math as a High School teacher.  She has an M.S. in TESOL.
                Zaadia began creating art at a young age and was always willing to learn different techniques.   As well as visual art, she also writes poetry which has been published by And Then magazine.  Her true interest in the visual arts manifested while she was a teacher.  Her father, Rafael Colon-Morales, a renowned abstract and experimental artist, fascinated her with his technique and she embraced it as her form of art.  Whenever she goes to Puerto Rico to visit her father, she would observe and participate in the application of his technique and with his guidance, Zaadia started her own artworks.  
       Zaadia’s art technique is “acrylic on glass”.  Using glass as a canvas, she would carefully imagine her work and create backwards and in reverse.  The canvas would be placed on the art and then carefully peeled from the glass.  The result would be a smooth almost glass-like surface that was flexible, easy to touch and clean. The colors, vivid.  Her own work would sometimes surprise her.  

Zaadia Colon